Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mooie Nederlandse meisjes!

Well hello my lovelies!!

I am some what annoyed to come back from Amsterdam to find my Facebook profile is suspended!! grrrrr!
 but my page is still up

I had a great 4 days at 
My name on there is KANDICE (by the way)
and worked with and met some fantastic girls, from Holland, Texas, Philapeans and australia.

I thought i would keep abit of a diary of my goings on for the trip.........

Tues 12th:
2am...and my alarm goes off! Time to get up and drive to the airport, everyother time ive been it has been dead on the roads so this time i only left 2 hours in total to get from home to Departures.
Big Mistake! I hit traffic on the motorway and then the airparks bus was CRAZY busy.....oh yeh forgot its summer holiday time and everyone in the world would also be catching flights! panick sets in when i see the huge queue for security!!
Anyway i made it!, and flight was lovely and quick about 45mins! I then had to catch a Train to amsterdam central which i jumped on just in time and got my bag stuck in the closing doors! ha ha haaaa!
Next up! A tram ride to spuistraat, and a little walk to the office!

After filling in the paper work we went off to the location - a flat located in the popular tourist area, (redlight and cafe's) so throughout the shoot i could smell hash and weed wafting up from the cafe below! he he! I nearly took out some lighting equipment by falling down a two inch step to the bedroom, like it was a small mountain! Over reaction alert!! :) 

The shoot was good fun, my solo shoot, we put knickers everywhere, and i tried putting them on in wierd ways and in different places other than where they should go! Then Nichole came and we did our D.I.M shoot together, we were told 'Talk about anything, except the weather'.....well straight away...we were like... 'soooo weathers shit..huh?' ha ha ha

After the shoot i went for dinner at a lovely Indonesian restaurant, which was yummy!! I had beef in some kind of peanut sauce and rice cake, which was sticky rice all squished together take a look!

And a wierd Bright green pancake! which i thought was a hand towel to start with ha ha!

Wed 13th:
I went to bed early so got up bright an early wed morning and went to check out the Breakfast buffet in the hotel! OMG! Ive never seen so many different types of breakfast! lol! There was Bread - All types!, Cheeses, cooked brekkie, boiled eggs, cereals, jam and cute little boxes of chocolate flakes, instead of choc spread!, fruits, salad (random) yoghurts, and even pancakes!!

I had cereal, fruit and some pancakes! Fat cow! ha!
I then walked to the location ad got soaked as only had my little denim jacket with me, (note to self: always take a pac a mac, when travelling)

The shoot today was a style DEBUT for abbywinters! There first member directed video shoot! So excited to be apart of it! The member had won a competition to be able to do skype to skype with me and direct me through the shoot how they wanted it, she was so lovely and abit nervous! she said it was a dream come, so that was really sweet! And she gave me a rose! on screen anyway! he he 
I had the afternoon to kill which i was going to sight see! but it was chucking it down so i bought an umbrella! and some cute lacoste pumps!

Thurs 14th:
Couldn't sleep wed night! had wierd dreams! One was about bombing down an empty carpark on a trolly!!!? and another was about fixing a bell on a bike!!? RANDOM!
It was still bloody raining and i kept slipping off my flip flops whilst walking to the office and battling against the wind trying to turn my umbrella inside out!
Had a shoot with Gaby (on she was so lovely and great to work with, think the video will be hot! We were rudely disturbed by the Police turning up at the location though as a nieghbour had called coz they had seen the flash light going off lots! 
I had some yummy indonesian again, and then had a hot shower and chilled out in the hotel as got really soaked.

Fri 15th:
Last day at abbywinters, abit sad as they are such a lovely bunch of girls, and it gets quite lonely working for yourself, i miss the intereaction of a team! There was 7 of us on location today so we all squished in the Van and new Videographer 'Izzy' was driving, whilst trying to reverse the big VW Transporter she announced in her cute polish accent ' Everybody look around, a shout if something wrong!' 
Had a lovely shoot in the garden, in the sun! Fab!!! And then took a Taxi back to the office, and got the Tram and Train back to the airport!
I met a Korean girl at the Airport called Su, she was so cute! and had been travelling for 3 months, on her own, we chatted for ages and as she is learning english, so i was helping her with words and she was telling me about Korea was really nice, but sad to see the hassle she gets trying to go through passport control!
We should all be allowed to travel anywhere in the world, whenever, and share it!! 

  Well after everyone i met, From all of the different countries, we are just the same, we have the same bits in the same places, They are just different shapes, sizes and colours!!

That is all folks :) x

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Who's been a busy Girl then !? :)

Wow! I feel like ive had my head up my arse last couple of weeks! So much to do and not enough days in the week! Who else can relate to that??
Time go's so quick and the weeks fly by!

Anyway last week i had a fantastic ART NUDE shoot at Winwick Hall, the setting was amazing! really lovely restored Country Manor, with quirky features: including Flames that shoot up eith side of the main gates when you drive through! 
We went up to the Farm in the grounds to do  some shots in Barley fields and derelict buildings, and had some spectators! ha ha! AND i dont just mean the cows! The farmers came to have a little perve! and thanked me and Aussie model Joanna for 'making there day'!! and said were welcome anytime he he he!!
But i still hold my fear of cows, so they wont be convincing me to go in the barn with the cattle! I hate them they really freak me out, How they are so confident, and HUGE!

I then had my Bestie girl round for the evening! who is expecting her first babby! and has her scan next week! Im so excited i will be an 'Auntie kandie' yay!!!!

Friday i spent the day Cleaning my car as it pissed me off soooooooo much i decided to stick it for sale on eBay, so i hoovered, washed and polished it! and put some bumper gel on so its looking all lovely now! i ended up hoovering, washing and polishing my mates car too as she had left it at mine, I was KNACKERED! after all that buffing ;) Car looked awesome though!

ATK Hairy!
I had my 2nd shoot for these guys! and once again feel battered and achey after the many extreme poses the photographer got me into, we worked till very late as well, but to be fair got some awesome images! I really cant wait to share them with you guys! 
The tog rented out an apartment in Docklands and check out this shower in the bathroom!!


And this was me after a Video scene, Eating a pot of Profiteroles on the balcony...........Naked i might add! ha ha ha ha!
After such work, a girl needs her chocolate!! :)

Luckily Monday i already had a Massage booked in, and man! did i need it!!

Which brings us to today!!! :) (Yes thats me UP - TO - DATE!)
And what a day it has been!! do you like American cars? well check this out!

We have done some awesome Pin up style shots on this car today, which i will save for my Website! so im keeping you in suspense now till my sites up! but they are HOT HOT HOT!

And this morning i tried a roller in my fringe to get a bit of a 50s style fringe going on! It didnt quite work, but still looked lush!

Im so over the moon with the shoot today, it would of been good to do it on Location though but the studio we used had a white infinity wall so gives a real edgey contrast look to the shots.
Kandie = 1 Happy laydeeee! x

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Stockings and Romance! x

Had a fab day today being a 'clothes horse' for    :)

There products are fantastic! some gorgeous items, i'm fully in love with the Bullet Bras!

As they were only product shooting i got to wear my slippers!! Which was GREAT!! an awesome change to wearing heels for hours on a shoot, (i do feel fortunate that most shoots involve laying down though normally) 
It may be a dissapointment to some of you, But i am crap in heels! Seem to be better in boots or heels that have straps rather than court shoes! he he! Hope i havent bust some bubbles! xx

This is me today wearing the 'Jessica' suspender belt with Photographer Steve 'Foto Retro' and Andy from 'Stockings and Romance

We were well looked after by Andrew at as usual!
He's been busy making loads of changes to his studio, its looking fab.

Im very ecited to be working on the stand for Stockings and Romance at this years ETO Show at the NEC on Mon. Its been a long time since ive worked on a Trade stand! Im sure ETO will be abit different from 'Max Power' or 'Traxx' though.
Will try and post some behind the scenes shots after it! xx

Friday, 17 June 2011

Pin up Perfect!!

Im so excited! Ive been dying to get into '50s' style Pin Up shoots! and had a fantastic shoot with a guy called 'Fotoretro' i'm not sure of his website but i'll find out! 
 He shoots products for and i absoloutely love there girdles!! I am lucky enough to be the proud owner of the 'showgirl' one now thanks to Steve (Fotoretro)

 I had a last minute shoot on Wednesday this week, with the website I had a fantastic day and have had some really saucy images through from them, so keep your eyes on there site for when they are put on there. Here's a sneak peak....... :) xx


I had a nightmare trying to get back out of Dudley though!! road works!!! grrrrr! Traffic grrrrr! and then the rain fell, once i got on the motorway, which it seems people cant drive in the rain and almost come to an abrupt stop when it hammers down! which is helpfull when your doing 70mph!!!! idiots!!


Bit of Ant and Dec!

Last weekend i went to see some filming of Ant and Dec's new Gameshow 'Red or Black' that is gunna be on TV in September, was a nightmare trying to get to the studio in Wembley as there was a concert on in the Arena and it was pissing it down again! lol!!!
It made me laugh, the amount of signs up around the area, saying park here for £10, and it was like parking on the side of the road outside of offices, or parking behind buildings, we ended up using one though, We was wondering if it was something out of 'The Real Hussle!' and we would come back and the car would be gone!
But it was fine! and better than paying £30 to park in wembley 'official' carpark i guess :)

The show was wicked though they filmed two stunts, where the contestants had to choose who would win 'Red' or 'Black' one of which involved Slam dunking a Basketball by bouncing off a trampoline from 7.5 meters away! which broke a World Record! was pretty cool!

Squirt!! :)

Ha ha! I bet your thinking this is going to be a rude!!! 

Well i have a new member of the Kandie luv residence! Meet 'Squirt' the cat :)

She is sooooo sweet bless her! curls up right next to you, really close almost on ya! She's kinda like a guard cat though, as when theres a noise outside she get ups and does like a growl or deep gurgle ha ha!!! i have re-homed her and she was called Squirt as she was the runt of the litter! ha ha bless her....xx

Trying to get some more 'fetishy shoots' booked in now, so if there is anything you wanna see me in, or websites you wanna see me on, let me know i'll see what i can do!

Tatty bye for now my lovely peeps xxxx

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Poorly me, Pampered me :) x

Having been hit hard by a virus i have spent the last week or so in B.E.D! much to my annoyance, i have had to cancel many Shoots and nights out.......

But hey ho, thats how life goes sometimes i guess.

I am feeling much better now though, well getting there anyway, still dont have an appetite and pretty knackered.

Due to alot of Vintage Pin up themed work coming up I decided to get my nails changed from the usual White tipped extensions that are square on the ends.
The Nail Tech, and my friend Ali was not sure i was gonna like them being rounded but i really wanted to be in keeping and make the images look as 50s as poss....BUT i actually love em like this, its so feminine and much more natural which i love :)

Check out the before and after video's and let me know which you prefer? x


Not only did i have my nails done, but i also went had my hair chopped today! I was fed up of clipping my hair back in a quiff everyday, so have had a bit of fringe cut :)

What do you think?

The girl that does my hair seems to always do EXACTLY what i want, think thats a pretty hard quality to find in a Hair Dresser, but i havent been to katie for a while, but will definately be sticking with her from now on. And she's super sexy :)

I have alot of work to get re-booked in once im up to full health...ATK, as yes im still hairy....Abbywinters hopefully.....and some Pin up for Stockings and romance Underwear and also my own stuff. Will be getting my head down and putting in the hours to catch up!

Thats all for now, look forward to reading your comments xx

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Youtube: Kandie luv Doest it all! x

Hi Guys

This week has been pretty busy asusual.

Had my car fixed on Tuesday, and at the moment it is behaving itself :)
Wed night my friend came round and we had a bottle of wine and and giggled the night away, ended up eating Super Noodles at half 2 in the morning! oops naughty!

Thursday i spent the day with Satine Spark and her lovely fella, after a trip to the Rubbish Dump (Which we have video evidence of) we got down to business and shot some content for her website! I havent worked with her before, but it was so much fun and she's so cute ;) I hope to work with her again.

On Saturday i went off to Peterborough with my folks as my stepdad was having a Steam Train Driving Lesson for his 65th Birthday.
I cant believe how fast the engine moved with no carriges on the back and there so loud! Me and my mum werent allowed on so we had to chase in the car!

Me being silly on the Track ha ha! Do you like my new Jumpsuit?

Loving the sunshine at the mo, but hasnt it been so windy today! Ergh!

Check out my new Youtube channel 'kandieluvdoesitall' i have decided to do it because im forever painting or decorating or fixing something, and i thought it may be quite funny for you guys to see me getting my hands dirty :) Everyone loves abit of home vid ay!!, Or am i just a nosey bitch? ha ha!

Have a look on there anyway! 

Much love lolli's and jelly babes xx

Monday, 16 May 2011

Party with me and Satine.......? x

Hi guys..

I have just gotten off the phone to Satine Spark and she tells me she has set a lil competition on her blog 

The winner gets to party with us at Britains Got Totty 2011 party in London next week.


Look forward to seeing the winner there x

So quick car update! After driving home from my shoot in Birmingham and smelling burning i am finally taking the bloody thing to be fixed!
I have been driving around in it for ages now and it often feels like the engine is gunna fall out.....but then what did i expect buying a £800 vauxhall ha ha!